miércoles, 18 de julio de 2007



Everybody's going for those kinky boots, kinky boots,(boop, boop)Kinky boots,

It's a manly kind of fashion that you borrowed from the brutes,

Borrowed from the brutes,(boop, boop)Kinky boots.

Fashion magazines say wear 'em,And you rush to obey like the women in a harem.

Full length, half length,Fully fashion calf length,Brown boots, black boots,Patent leather jackboots,Low boots, high boots,Lovely lanky thigh boot,We all dig those boots.

Everybody's crazy for those kinky boots, kinky boots,(boop, boop)Kinky boots,

And whether you're in evening dress or bathing suits,You wear boots, boots, kinky boots

There are twenty million women wearing kinky boots, kinky boots,Puss in boots,Footwear manufacturers are gathering the fruits,Gathering the fruits,(boop, boop)Kinky boots.

Advertising men say try 'em,And you all run amok like a flock of sheep to buy 'em.

Sweet girls, street girls,Grumpy little beat girls,Square girls, cool girls,Sexy little schoolgirls,Maiden aunties,Mayfair debutantes,They all dig those boots.

Everybody's rushin' for those Russian boots,Prussian boots,(boop, boop)Kinky boots,Both: Cover up those slender little tender foots with kinky slinky,Leather is so kinky,Come and get those kinky boots, boots, kinky boots.
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lunes, 9 de julio de 2007


Zulu women
women from Madagascar
one family,one world
1921 , the washington daily news, the boy and the photograper .
1938,west virginia, poor and white family mexican inmigrant , farm worker 1937, in Texas maybe. 1937, before the great depresion in another world . no more this, please. streets of bethelhem, a lot of years ago . castle in the coast , in Caesarea .